Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Take back the Power

We are born free and no matter what we do in our lives we die free. Unfortunately none of us is free. All of us is a slave to needs, wants and desires. Nothing wrong in that however if everyone pursues their own needs, wants and desires paying no heed to their fellow earth inhabitants then really we have a world of chaos.

The energies of the earth have sustained us and all we have done is depleted it without providing replacements for our very own children. Even if we have actively never cut down a tree, built over a swamp, encroached into the rainforest or hunted a wild being for pleasure we have stood by and watched others do so in silence.

Silence makes us an accomplice regardless of whether we just could not be bothered or we had more self preserving and enjoying pursuits to follow. The 'silence' is also a sign of us giving up our power as citizens of this world to demand what is right. Most of us are blessed to inhabit democracies. We have the power however no one acknowledges this.

If each and every one of us stand firm and demand that our politicians do all they can to perserve and regenerate our habitat they will have to. After all a politician is merely a servant of the people.

The nuculear accident in Japan is a huge wake up call for the entire world. We are blessed Japan is isolated as an island and yet it is a country so well planned and organised that it will survive and rise like a phoenix due to the dedication of its people. Had the same incident befallen in a country with no infrastructure and politicians who dip into ever coffer, who knows what would have happened to the world today.

What we need to do now is accept these events as a blessing and voice once and for all a huge NO to anything that can harm our planet and our children in any way. Next time we may not be so lucky. If it were Pakistan, India or Iran it would be God's way of extermination of all as a form of punishment for abusing his most beautiful unique creation our planet.


  1. very true.very nice:)