Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Shift: From Broken Hearts to Anger

As mentioned in my earlier blogs I am a sceptic of 2012 and what the "End of the Worlder's" define as "The Shift". I have always felt that 'the Shift' is an energetic change which will result in a spiritual evolution of our world. As a spiritual councellor and energy therapist I had noted a trend which started in October 2012 which I termed as the "Epidemic of Broken Hearts" (ttp://

In the last two months I have noticed a new development, I have been consulted by lots of people who are experiencing inexplanable emotional fragility, skin allergies, odd boil formations, cysts and other painful growths, excima, overeating, weight that just does not want to leave certain areas of one's body. All of these are simply physical manifestations of a variety of deeply suppressed emotions which with the passing of time have calcified into anger. I was only able to identify the common theme of anger when I noticed that each and every one of these patients I worked on had a lot of energetic fire within which I witnessed leaving their energetic body. In the last two days I have actually had some of my more sensitive past patients call to inquire what their dreams of being on fire meant!

Anger is a very dangerous emotion and is a very physical equivalent of fire, it is catching. Anger is a dangerous emotion it is tremendously contageous and one can observe mass anger in the Middle East just now. The masses in Egypt, the Yemen, Algeria, Tunisia and it is rumoured even Lebanon have found an outlet for decades of unvocalised feelings, emotions and anger at being politically, economically, financially, psychologically and emotionally suppressed in their demonstrations.

Anger is very complicated. It is actually an emotion in itself and yet it can also be the end result of various emotions and/or any amount of physical, psychological and emotional situations or a combination them all. It is very difficult one to advise someone how to deal and live with anger. Some say express it and others to suppress it. Suppression results in a plethoria of physical and psychological manifestations as can be noted from the varying patients I have seen recently.

On the other hand anger expressed is also not a solution, but an severe expression of ones feelings and emotions, which in most cases fuels or worsens most situations. The expression of anger leaves one empty, depressed and low. All of which can actually lead to someone feeling angrier! Anger begets anger. If you get angry and express your anger it is hihgly likely that the person at the receiving end will return your anger and set of a chain reaction with no end. In such a situation there is no alternative then to "turn the other cheek".

Anger when expressed sets of a chain of reactions in our physical bodies which range from high blood pressure to the release of chemical secretions which are harmful to one's body. There is no doubt that anger has an advserse effect on ones mental state it clouds one's judgement, distracts one from concentrating thereby frustrating one even more and fuelling one's anger further. Energetically anger lets down one's energetic immunity and breaks down filters which protect you from energetic, emotional and physical ailments.

So what is the solution? At the Healingboutique advises another alternative, to deal and work through anger without expressing it while relieving the suppressed emotion. Here is how to work on your anger::

1. address what caused the anger and sitting to logically look into the issue. In lots of cases the cause of anger is so old it is invalid with regards to one's present circumstances;

2. forgive it is the most important thing to break the cycle of anger. (we highly recommend the following excercise One needs o forgive and let go of past situations so one can be free of the past and enjoy the present.

3. physical excercise to rid oneself of all the chemical toxins produced in a state of anger which if left unexpended would actually result in further urges to be angry;

4. Yoga, meditation and prayer all allow us to become more aware and consious of our emotions thereby giving one control one's anger. Meditation and prayer are also cathartic, they bring old suppressed issues to the surface so we can deal with them adequately.

In addition to steps 1-4 we strongly recommend one to three sessions with a holistic therapist to release past energies of anger stored within ones energetic body.


  1. Hi this is Dr.John Char,

    Thanks for sharing me your blog through twitter. Your article is very informative I would like to add that anger if kept inside it may cause a serious disease in the long run. It may even manifest as physical pain. Keep on posting good articles.. Great job.

  2. This is one of the most beautifully written articles i have read:-). beautiful simple and profound. Thanks so much for sharing>.theres so much so many of us need to learn about our anger:-)