Thursday, 6 September 2012

Getting Unstuck

Every one of us has experienced a "dark time" in our lives. There is not a person on who is spared that feeling of falling into emotional and mental quicksand from where there is no respite and no matter what you do to try to extricate yourself from those circumstances all you manage is to make things worse and you are left with the feeling that your stuck in a never ending tunnel of darkness. While it is true that everyone experiences these feelings and thoughts from time it is a fact that not everyone chooses to advertise them. There are those who get so hopelessly lost in their problems that in time they become the problem. There are others who choose to smile through their problems while wallowing in misery, while others still select the many other ways of trudging through their worst times. If you are feeling blue or that darkness has descended upon you and you feel alone, your not you need to stop with the self pity if you want to move on and away from your problems. Take solace in the fact that you at present are one of the millions or even billions dealing with issues you find hard to physically, emotionally and mentally process and deal with. No one is spared this drama and trauma it is just a matter of time when we all need to trudge through these circumstances. Even if you think that there are those who seem to float through life with no worries but that is never the case. Such people just know how to deal with their problems constructively while controlling their innate urge to wallow in their miseries and pity themselves as most do. The key is to focus on the issues at hand not on how you feel. Stating you are a "highly emotional person" is just another way of saying I am incapable of dealing with life and more prone to creating drama and suffering trauma rathe then resolving my problems. Being "Emotional" and "Sensitive" is an excuse which you think may work but in reality it only hurts and harms you. The next time you feel like indulging in an orgy of self pity or are envying another for succeeding when you feel your failing, give the other person the credit for focussing and resolving their problems, not fixating on themselves and how cheated, hurt, pained, small, etc etc they feel in the same circumstances. Remember everyone deals with situations, circumstances and problems differently. If you fail where others succeed then it is you who needs to take charge of yourself and do whatever it takes to stop yourself from getting out of whatever you feel trapped in. Envying someone else is a waste of time. You need to assess your situation, focus on your problems and just get on with resolving your issues. Whatever your issues you need to take responsibility and work through whatever crops up as you are empowered to resolve your own issues.As a therapist I have heard, seen and assisted many out of this state of being "Stuck" and I have discovered that the key to getting unstuck always lies with the person who is stuck. It is only when you are willing to make an effort to work on yourself that you will discover choices and options to resolve your problems open out to you that you felt were not options before. My book "Help Yourself Get Unstuck*" was written as a tool to help others navigate through the worst times to get to the very best of themselves and their lives. The book contains exercises, visualizations, mantras and other techniques that allow you to take control of yourself and your circumstances, accept responsibility, forgive yourself and others, let go of the past, make choices and reassess your options in order to help yourself get unstuck and live the life you desire. * Help Yourself Get Unstuck is available online at: Smashwords :

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