Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Shift and Broken Hearts

In the last three years I have been consulted to enable many to heal on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. Apart patients suffering from ‘stress’ or the ‘flu’ I have never heard of any therapist who has been approached by multiple patients in the span of a few weeks to help reach a resolution and heal from an emotional issue.

It all began in October in the span of three weeks I had a suspiciously large number of people consult me to enable them to heal from a broken friendships, broken hearts and shattered illusions. Oddly almost all of these people have been greatly hurt and their love, respect and trust has been shattered by a close friend, colleague or someone else they held in high regards and they loved and respected.

I honestly had to sit down and think why in heavens is there an epidemic of broken hearts. Would you believe the answer came to me from something I am not quite convinced on, what some call "the shift" towards 2012. Now in all honesty I have no compunction to state I have never believed the physical world is likely to end in 2012. My intuitive feelings have always led me to believe that at most what will happen to us is that we will need to take a good long and hard look at ourselves and out lifestyles and change it drastically. We will need to take care of our environment and other external factors but this "shift" if you will, in my opinion will commence within us. It will start out as a form of self-evaluation and improvement and foster a closer connection with our soul and spiritual quotient.

"Shift" enthusiasts have been going on for over a year that it’s already in motion. Much to my ignorance I did not pay much attention to the date 10/10/10 which they say was quite a monumental date. On 10/10/10 at 10:10 am I was blissfully enjoying a theta class.

Now I am told that we are now already at the phase of the shift where we will feel it and this is what I feel those suffering form the “epidemic of broken hearts” are going through. It is said that we are and will be exposed to certain truths that were concealed from us and at present it seems like it relates to our interpersonal relationships, i.e. friendships, marriages, the teacher-student relationship, guru-disciple relationship and relationships with our colleagues etc.

So what exactly is the purpose of this epidemic? I feel it is just a jolt to our already awakening conciousness and awareness as part of our energetic and spiritual evolution. Unfortunately, every evolution is accompanied by change, which, in turn translates, into discomfort and the pain. In the evolution of the senses of my patients to perceive the nature and actions of their loved and respected ones has led them to see the truth and resulted in what I have called "the broken heart syndrome".

You may ask why am I sharing this with everyone today? Very simply because I feel there are a lot more broken hearted people out there too hurt to share their pain. I just want to ensure that this does not lead to lots of wonderful loving people becoming distrustful and retreating from social activity and interaction.

Yes lots of people have had their feelings and egos hurt so what is the resolution. The only way I can think of extricating ones self from this pain without creating more pain and heartbreak is simply to be true to oneself and continue to follow the path of forgiveness and loving-kindness.

When we forgive and bless those who have wronged us we let the situation go and we are able to move on and focus on our lives and the people that matter the most to us and adjust quickly to new situations and scenarios. Without forgiveness we get stuck in a never ending cycle of resentment, anger, depression and a lot of other negative feelings and emotions which can eventually lead to hormonal fluctuations that can manifest as illness in out physical body. The most common of such illness rooted in deep resentment and angers is cancer!

I advise anyone who has gone through such heart break to consider it as an event of their evolution, a blessing that enables you to cleanse your physical, emotional, mental and energetic space of energies that are not required in your life. Once this space is clear it leaves space for something or someone far better to occupy it. Its simple physics the vacuum caused will be filled so not to worry you will not be alone for long.

Until such time as that vacuum is filled always be aware that you are not alone. Apart from the fact that we are spiritually all one and are connected there are beings and energies beyond our comprehension that are always there to protect, support and nurture us. So no matter how great the physical loss one is never abandoned and alone, at the end we are all one and connected.