Thursday, 10 March 2011

What's up with Mother Earth

We are born baldish and without teeth completely dependent on whomever we are thrust upon. We progress to childhood, then bud into youth, blossom into a golden age commonly known as adulthood or maturity then we become over ripe at middle age and then one begins to droop and whilt. The ravages of age gnaw at us until one finds the cycle complete, one is in a baldish sate with few or no teeth once again completely dependent on whomsoever one is thrust upon. Such is the life cycle of a human and its pretty much the same for every inhabitant of the earth known to man.

Ironically the Earth that provides us all with life giving resources and sustains our life cycles does not seem to have such a well defined life span. There are wide ranging differing opinions how she was created the Big Bang or by the Lords Hand and then there are those who try the two theories what has been established is that she exists and has been around a while now. She has experienced life in many forms and many different expressions and has managed to nurture living forms to culminate into what we have become today.

She too like every other form on earth has been subject to cycles, whether it be seasons, revolutions around the sun, timely release of larva, movements in her tectonic plates she has seen it all but in a cyclical from.

If we have a look at the state of her being today all we can do is be ashamed of ourselves. We have sabotaged every nurturing aspect of her. The food she allows us to grow food to nurture ourselves is scientifically modified and she reacts to it like an allergy. We also saturate her bounty with chemicals which kill ecosystems of beings close to her. We may not like insects or worms but they do have their place in the bigger scheme of things.

Even if we managed to grow crops without modifying or blasting them with insecticide we do still do everything to mess up the water with a plethora or poisons and pollutants. Ironic as every single living being needs water to live on or live in! We have also manage to polluted the air to such horrific proportions that that we has sizeably damaged the ozone layer. The ozone layer used to function as a universal filter a miracle sunscreen that prevented the harsh UV rays of the sun from harsh cancerous UV rays which do not discriminate against plant, animal and human when annhilating all equally.

Once upon a time it was some sort of myth that the icebergs in the polar regions would melt and we would be purged into oblivion in Noahesque floods. The polar ice caps are now melting but whats scary is the weather change. Scientists are going wild predicting another cataclysmic ice or other equally dread inducing prospect.

Mother Earth's menstrual cycle of seasons has been swaying off course for a while, her ecosystems like a memopausal woman's beauty is in the process of getting ravaged. Very obviously she has been suffering from the effects of hot flushes and she has been reacting to those in the form of erupting volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, acid rains, droughts, forest fires and other natural phenominon we cant even comprehend.

She is a mother who is at wits end. She is loosing her precious children in the form of certain animals, plants and other of her inhabitants to extinction. Humans who used to tend to her, care for her and even worship her have abondoned her and she is tremendously broken hearted. Some of are busy terrorising and murdering others, while some torture her by polluting and trying to murder her, others are too busy in the worship of materiality and then there are the ignorant and those who choose to be ignorant and and show no respect for her. The remainder are torn up in shock of how cruelly she is dealing with their kith and kin.

And now there are those who have spread virulent rumours about her demise in 2012. Scientifically there seems no reason for her demise but really if you look at things her way one may start to thing what is stopping her from giving up on all of us and committing suicide?


  1. Very beautiful the way you ended.very profound.:-)

  2. Very prophetic and significant message!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this article. I am really expecting to read something like this, because of what is happening. I find the article very valuable. And at my own point, what is happening nowadays, is just a reminder to all of us, that there is SOMEONE more powerful than us.. Thanks..