Sunday, 27 June 2010

Why is the World a Bad Place ?

Why should the world be a good place?

Children grow up in unimaginable poverty in most countries of the world. They grow up with nothing and I don’t just physical possessions but the basics like love, food, clean water and safety. These children are continually and constantly abused and in some countries they are even born into slavery and traded as commodities to be used for manual labor or are continually traded as sexual instruments.

Most of these children have never even see their parents and have no idea what love and safety are for they have been tossed onto the streets or abandoned at a time when they were so young that they have no memories of their parents. Others grow up seeing their parents murdered in wars, physically, verbally, mentally and sexually abused by their employers or owners and most in turn they get abused by those who are supposed to love and care for them. For most families living on the streets or in dire poverty the parents or guardians of these children are unable to provide their children with any form of safety by virtue of their slavery and helplessness to fend in a world that ignores their very existence.

In third world countries people get used to poverty and beggars and most people bring up their children look or acknowledge these non-humans who knock on windows begging for food or money. Just imagine the superiority complex such parent’s fuel in their children by teaching them that other children their age are to be ignored just because they have nothing. Imagine the thoughts flashing through the innocent minds of both sets of children who inherently desire nothing more then to play with other children their age.

We are always told don’t give to beggars. You encourage them and its not a form of charity to give to beggars as they work in gangs pool money or they are made to work by beggar pimps who take all the money they beg for. So why don’t people give food? I have carried chocolates and crisps in my car and I have never seen such joy and gratitude in children’s eyes when they get some of those treats. If you have a meal and waste some food ever thought of a doggie bag for these kids or their family. I assure you that you will sleep better that night from the blessings you get.

I am usually labeled as insane but when I see an 8 year old in rags, wearing no shoes, carrying a 2 year old or a baby in her arms and my heart breaks. I die of shame sitting in an air conditioned car because I know a child should not have to care for another above herself when she herself is a child.  But when I see my daughter smile at them to make friends as she would with other kids her age I and I see them smiling back at her I just want to burst out crying. I feel like such a waste I am just like you someone who has so much and complains and wants more while having so much and doing so little.

What I find amazing is the snobbery and disdain even the socially less privileged have for beggars who are just kids forced to live off the streets who eat garbage and drink out of sewers. How even chauffeurs of the posh cars that drive on the streets that they beg in turn their noses up in the air and abuse the street children and shoo them so the fancy car’s they drive wont have their dirty finger marks. Very similar marks to that which your child or grandchild makes on the inside of the car’s window when they sit in the care for all kids love touching the cool glass. But I suppose when a homeless kid who is supposed not to have any feelings does its deserves abuse what would make an adult blush and you will commend your chauffer for caring about your car and its aesthetic value.

So what happens to these children when they grow up? They are all easy targets for those who want to propagate all the things we dislike in life. They will get recruited or forced to do all those things we all gasp in horror at. There will be those that are kidnapped and sold into prostitution and inevitably get infected with AIDS and infect others who at some point in your life will be a threat to you and your family. No that will never happen? Do you have anyone who works for you that’s on the slightly poor side and may have cause to visit a brothel a male member of your domestic staff that was recruited from a village and sees his wife once every year when you grudgingly give him time to go there? A maid who’s husband may have visited a brothel and then infected her?

Some of those other children will be recruited by gangs that rob from you by holding a knife to your throat when you go for your evening walk, or they may grab your purse from you when your at the market. Others will be part of some organization involved in drugs perhaps they will sell your children drugs and when your children cant pay up they may even sell your children for what is owed to them. Will never happen to you don’t doubt it, its happened to the children of millionaires all over the world so how are you immune.

Then there are those who may do anything from kidnapping your children or spouse to simply abusing or raping them out of spite. You may hire some as your servants and they may just go insane when they see the opulence of your existence so even if your really nice your wont be immune to having your throat slit when you sleep at night so some of your material goods can be sold for money.

Like mosquitoes are bread in stagnant pools of water, the pools of poverty and abuse that encapsulate the underprivileged children are fertile breeding grounds for terrorists. And financially its so much more lucrative to recruit a terrorist from the neighborhood then to import them into the country? Ever had a thought why someone may become a suicide bomber or a terrorist? What actually propel them to have such little self worth for their and other’s lives?

Do a bit of research into the lives of most terrorists they are usually young adults who have their whole lives to look forward to but they have suffered so much hardship and loss and feel that they have nothing to look forward. To them life is just worthless and when someone they trust convinces them that they can sacrifice themselves and kill a few people along with them for the greater good of the earth and that is what their life’s purpose is they usually comply. It’s the same scenario whether its Palestine, Pakistan, Angola or any other place on earth. Unloved, unprotected, broken souls in the bodies of children roam the earth lost to the essence of their being. 

It takes one person looking to manipulate them and earn their gratitude and trust with something as little clean drinking water, a loaf of bread or even just said a kind loving word. Once these people gain the trust and affection of these children the brainwashing begins and those children are groomed to come and ruin your perfect world as you experience it.

Just imagine if our government could do the same and recruit these souls into some well meaning tasks instead? Send them to repopulate rural areas and train them in agricultural activities? At present it seems like every person with the power to make such a change in the world is busy feathering their own nests and climbing up the social ladder. Why blame them are you any different? At least they have an excuse they recuperate their investments which got them elected, after all it costs so very much to win an election. The only costs we hear about are those we pay for in taxes, the legitimate ones that pay for the poll booths etc. etc. there may be so many hidden costs to winning an election that we have no clue about.

So when you or your family members get robbed, murdered, kidnapped, hooked on drugs or are victims of terrorist attacks don’t moan “Why us?” Try to be honest and say, “What did I do not to deserve this?” “How could I have prevented this?” “Could our government have prevented this?” and end with a “How can I make a change now.”

So next time you see someone who is disadvantaged, especially a child, instead of pretending you don’t see them or digging into your wallet for a few pennies you can well afford toss into a fountain look into your heats and souls and say what can I do to make a more permanent change? If each and everyone of us do that then I am sure we can come up with a solution which will change the existence of some of these children and will lead to the world becoming a better place.

Another approach to this problem is to continually demand that these children be provided with certain rights that most democratic countries claim they provide each citizen with.  Make sure that you continually barrage those empowered with making decisions in your countries until they do something to at least guarantee such children shelter and safety if not the education, food and other necessities every child should be entitled to.

Until such time as something is done to rectify this situation the world is guaranteed to be full of dangerous people and places. And know this the only person you can blame is yourself because you did nothing to make that change.  

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