Thursday, 24 June 2010

Deeds, Words, Thoughts…Religious Prattle or Powerful Tools

The moral trinity of “Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds” are incorporated in some way or another in every religion and are the core of every spiritual practice without which one has nowhere to proceed.
There is a huge misconception that Good Deeds are hardest of the three to perform and once satisfied the other two requirements pale in comparison. After all when you are doing good why should anyone care what you say and who cares what you think that’s private anyway as no one knows whatever your thinking.
Good deeds are considered such an achievement that they have been accepted and incorporated by society as something to aspire to. Every child if taught to admire a good deed and everyone aspires to be the good guy. When there is a chance to do something good-deedish most people jump at the chance.
Even the most hardened terrorists and drug dealers within their society will always try to confirm to the norms of what is a good deed, be it looking after the elderly or donating funds for an orphanage or to their cause which cause pain and anguish for others. In all honestly these days a good deed is simply an easy opportunity to be admired and feel important and special, an easy ego trip.
As society accepts good deeds, with exception to Afghanistan, Saudi and Iran where time has been regressed or has just been held on pause, Acts of violence or physical abuse are just not socially acceptable anymore. Even the man who beats his wife everyday knows this so he hits her in places others cant see.
Now lets examine how “words” effect an individual. Ever noted how you feel when you are complimented or when someone has encouraged you to do something. Just thinking back on the occasion you can feel the positive energy, the surge of invincibility and confidence.
Now think back to a time that someone said something to hurt you, deliberately, or not. It may even be an incident when someone said something and had no idea what that you would react very sensitively to something you were saying but all the same it caused you a great deal of embarrassment, pain or offence. Do you remember how you pondered and mulled over it for a while after it was said?
Just imagine you are one of those overtly sensitive people who cant let things go and what was said haunts you just cant get it out of your system. Such sensitive people are usually good at pretending they are ok but the fact that they can’t let go of what was said to them which eventually results in them getting angry or depressed and stresses them out.
A human being is designed in a way that it only functions at its optimal best at a certain level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. If the balance is lost then there is a lot more happening then most people can imagine. In very simplistic scientific terms the brain sends a message out to the nervous system that all is not well and then the body prepares for the flight or flight mode. So essentially the body is physically being pumped with adrenalin or nor adrenalin and a whole lot of other hormones which are not physically required by the physical body at the time. The excess hormones will cause anxiety, mood swings,
anger, depression and various other manifestations from the mental state of imbalance to the physical state. This is commonly referred to as a psychosomatic ailment an ailment, which commences a psychological symptom and culminates into the soma or physical body.
When anyone suffering from such an ailment visits a medical doctor the doctor can only treat the physical symptoms so the ailment goes unresolved as the cause is psychological and the person keeps suffering from the physical ailment until both the physical body and the mind are treated.
If the person does not get over what you have said then that state continues and the excess hormones and other secretions can affect them physically as their body does not require them they can affect organs causing physical illness, they will also continue to plague the person mentally and emotionally.
The affected person will not be able to function at their optimally best at work or within their relationships. They suffer psychologically to the extent that that they may not be able to function properly at work and may not perform at their optimal best and may loose out on a promotion or worse loose their job.
In summary words can actually cause more damage then acts of violence because particularly hurtful words can cause upsetting thoughts which in turn lead to physical upsets and if prolonged they may eventually get a very severe ailment in few cases it may even lead to death. You can also destroy someone’s personal relationships and careers. So do note that verbal abuse is far worse then physical abuse for the damage has more lasting effects.
Energy healers have known for a long time that every time one says something nasty, unpleasant or abuses another or even has an unpleasant thought their energy body is greatly disturbed and actually diminishes in size. Astonishingly the same applies to negative, unpleasant and abusive thoughts. The same thoughts most of us think are incapable of harm as they are personal and private.
A continual stream of negativity, anger, resentment and inability to forgive leads to cancer. There are so many people who claim never to have smoked a cigarette and have no genetic disposition to cancer and they still end up with lung cancer. This will seem like a strange phenomina to the practicioner of Western medicine but this can be proved when one views the effects of negativity, anger, resentment and inability to forgive on the energy body over a period of time.
This can be corroborated by Krilian photography in which one can prove every living being has an aura or an energy body that surrounds it and that every human is an energetic being and their words and thoughts have great power to assist or injure others. Whenever we have negative throught’s about someone we actually transfer that negative energy to those we are thinking of. If you find this hard to believe think of this as a corollary to the principles of attraction used in the very successful Secret franchise.
The basic concept in the Secret is to attract wealth and riches to you by sending out positive thoughts and meditating on what you want. So if we send out negative thoughts and feelings and constantly focus on them, we are meditating on that and actually projecting these thoughts to others. Similarly if we project these negative feelings to ourselves we self sabotage ourselves and our own physical health.
Thoughts are very powerful energetic weapons which can lodge in our aura and unless released they can work their way from the energetic body to the physical body and manifest as an physical illness. It is actually the thoughts that do the most damage for even when “words” are used as weapons it’s the thoughts that lodge in the aura and cause damage.
It an empowering to know that everything we do, we say and we think can be manifested. We have to power to do good or evil literally with our deeds, words and actions. If we do good we feel good and if not our consience gets to us at some point or another the same principle applies when we say good words and have project good thoughts.
If you believe in the theory of Karma, which literally means, what you reap is what you sow, you will reap benefits or losses in accordance with your acts, words and thoughts. Karma can also be used as a positive tool to alter your life if you want a good life as Grand Master Choa Kok Sui says the tools are at your disposal just do good.


  1. I loved this article.Was an eyeopener.

  2. this is surely food for thought, and also thought for food....well written and reminds us to move towards positivity and away from negativity...